Magic Door

There’s a doorway in my bedroom
But it’s one that you can’t see,
It’s a door that is invisible
To everyone but me.

But I can see a big door
That is wooden and its blue,
With a shiny golden handle
Which I turn to walk on through.

When I turn the shiny handle
The door opens very wide
And I am so excited,
To see what’s the other side.

It’s always something different,
Like a circus or a park ,
Or a pet shop or a juggler,
Juggling glow balls in the dark.

Once it was a theatre
With a very funny show,
And once it was an ice rink,
And a field full of snow.

And once it was the seaside,
And once a castle too,
I never know what I will see
Before I walk on through.

I wish that you could see it,
It would be more fun with you
Perhaps if you try hard enough
Then you will see it too?

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2 Responses to Magic Door

  1. jfb57 says:

    I’m trying, I’m trying!


  2. A lovely poem, the Magic I think the door will open by use of The Secret Magic Word. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to disclose this!

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