Dream Stream

[An interpretation of Ellie’s dream. She is 5 and she has strange rambling dreams]

The girl stroked the cat,
And the cat chased the mouse,
And the mouse ran behind
The little grey and white house.

And the grey and white house
Stood slight and small,
With no-one but the mouse
At home at all.

And the people from the house
Were huddled in hats,
Waiting for the bus
And stroking cats.

And the cats said miaow,
And the bus didn’t come,
And the people from the house
Weren’t having much fun.

But the cats were happy,
And the cats purrs roared,
Until the bus came along
And opened its doors.

Then the people tumbled on,
In their coats and hats,
And they waved goodbye
To the purring cats.

And the cats miaowed
And stalked away
Into a cold dark night
That was misty and grey.

And the people got home
To the grey and white house
And they didn’t even notice
The cowering mouse.

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