I’m Fine… 

You don’t believe me
When I say I’m fine,
Everyone else does,
Most of the time.
But you,
You are different,
You see what I hide,
And you wait for the moment
To take me aside,
And tell me I’m rumbled,
You know today’s tough,
And you ask how I am
And -I’m fine-‘s not enough.
You want a real answer,
You’re happy to wait;
Reluctantly I admit:
No, I’m not great.
But I hate to admit it,
It makes me feel weak,
Though I do feel better
With each word that I speak.
You hold me and tell me
That I’m amongst friends,
And you urge me:
Please trust us
Please do not pretend.
But on some days
I have to,
I have to be fine;
I can manage now
In my head,
Your hand’s holding mine.

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4 Responses to I’m Fine… 

  1. jfb57 says:

    I can’t imagine how some folks cope who don’t have that hand. Lucky aren’t we?! xx

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  2. Love your poem, which highlights the importance of having close friends for support and comfort when needed. Such friends are worth their weight in gold.

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