Your Burden

The burden you carry
Is too much for one.
Especially one such as you
One who cares too much,
For whom things must be just so,
One who does not know when to say no,
Or when to let it go.
The burden you carry could be shared
If only you realised
Others cared.
We do.
Both for your burden
And for you.
Let us lighten your load
And walk together
Down this bumpy road.

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4 Responses to Your Burden

  1. jade0207 says:

    It just all fits in so perfectly!

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  2. jfb57 says:

    Wonderful Pooks! Struggling today & I know you are there for me!

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  3. A lovely poem. Shows that its good to have supportive friends, just that sometimes it takes time to accept help, even when its offered.

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