Why must I do what’s hard to do?
I’d rather not
Thank you.
I know you think
That it’s the way
To make me well
Another day;
But what of now?
I had felt fine
You poked
Those fears of mine,
Until you made me recollect
The things I prefer
To forget.
I’m safe
When I don’t think those thoughts,
I’d rather not,
You think I ought.
And who is paying who?
I think;
I pay you
So my mood can sink..
So what of now?
I ask you,
Must we do things
That make me cry?
You say that it’s the only way
To make me safe
Another day.
You say that hard work now
Will mean
That in the future
Things will seem
Quite different
And not how they’ve been,
I don’t know
But I trust you so…
I’ll carry on,
See how I go.

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2 Responses to Therapy… 

  1. jfb57 says:

    Trust plays such a big part in healing I think. It is such a leap of faith at times especially when your head is telling you something different. Brave girl xx

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