Love Isn’t 

Love is not roses and romance,
It does not have the grace of a swan.
Gifts and kisses are all superficial
And are not what say ‘here is the one’.
Love is, in truth, far more messy,
True love has its ups and its downs;
You know that you’ve found the right person,
When you stick closer by through the frowns.
Love doesn’t wait for the weekend,
Or cosy nights out sipping drinks;
Love invades small mundane moments
Sat at lights when you pause and you think
About that significant other,
And the fact that you’re glad that they’re here,
Love can be beige or magenta
Hold it tight, always keep your love near.
The best love can feel uninspiring,
Devoid of bright sparkle and fizz,
But so long as you feel good together
Then just everything’s fine as it is.

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4 Responses to Love Isn’t 

  1. septembersrose says:

    Thank you. Love isn’t something that feels good all the time, nor is it something there for just your enjoyment. It’s walking through fire and coming out the other end different but together

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  2. jfb57 says:

    Wonderful. I think this should be shared with youngsters who think love is all hearts & flowers just to give them a bigger picture. Fabulous Pooky xx

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