I Got It Wrong

I wanted to call
And ask ‘are you okay’
But I hadn’t the words,
Didn’t know what to say.
So I left it a week,
And I still didn’t ring
I cared how you were
But you see, here’s the thing..
I just didn’t know
All the right words to use,
At a time like this
Which are the right words to choose?
So I sat and I wondered
About what to say,
And said nothing at all to you
Day after day.
As the days turned to weeks,
And the weeks turned to more,
I got stuck in my silence
And in blindness I saw
Only wrong words,
And things that
You’d not like to hear
But I know now that actually
Having me near
Would have helped you
Regardless if my words were right
There are no words as good
As just holding you tight.
But I didn’t know then
And I got it all wrong
But I’m here now, beside you
Just where I belong.

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