Happy Being You

Please don’t be a Princess Ada,
Unless that’s what you’d like;
Please choose freely between skipping
And wheelies on your bike.

And when you choose which toys to use
Don’t ask ‘which are for me?’
The whole world is your play pen,
With your eyes wide you’ll soon see.

You need to make the choices
That make you feel good inside,
The things that make you happy
And make you smile most wide.

Sometimes that choice is easy,
Sometimes it’s not at all,
But we’re always here to catch you
If you stumble, or you fall.

And if you ever find that,
In our love for you we tend
To tell you how to be you
Then please promise, don’t pretend…

…But bravely tell us if we’re wrong,
And teach us the right way,
Because we’ll love you through and through
Just as you are, each day.

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One Response to Happy Being You

  1. Em says:

    aw 🙂 this is precious xx thanks P

    Liked by 1 person

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