As I look at the hill of the year behind,
Then look at the hill up ahead,
I find myself asking
Why keep climbing hills?
Let’s lie fallow for one year instead.

The hills are so steep,
And the paths are not wide,
And the climbing
Makes me feel so troubled inside,
I think that perhaps
I’ll just shorten my stride,
Then lie fallow
For one year instead.

And yet
I keep walking,
On world weary feet,
They are blistered,
My head says
My walk is complete,
But walk on they do,
Though the walking’s not neat,
But they walk to the hill
Up ahead.

And my feet say
No fallow times
Are to be had,
I can’t quite decide,
If it’s good
Or it’s bad,
To be following dreams
That feel ever so sad,
But my feet
Tell my head
That my head
Will be glad
If my feet do not stop from their stride.

So I look once again at the hill up ahead,
And I look at the hill I have climbed,
And I take myself back
To the foot of hill one,
And remember the thing
I said could not be done,
And reflect that I’ve done it
And realise I’ve won,
And I’m ready to climb
Once again.

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