Welcome – a poem to celebrate a birth

[A poem to celebrate the birth of a baby or a christening. This was written for my friend’s son, Marlowe]

We wrote you a poem,
To welcome you here,
The time you would join us
Felt achingly near
For weeks…
We’ve sat, breath held
All wondering who
Would come wrapped
In this bundle,
This bundle of you.
And of course,
We’re not sure yet,
We’re finding our way,
But the thing we are sure of?
We’ll love you each day.
We’ll nurse you,
And teach you,
Protect from what’s bad,
We’ll laugh with you,
Play with you,
Make better what’s sad.
We can’t wait ’till you show us
The person you hide;
Whoever that is,
We’ll help you be the guide.
And we’ll love you,
Whoever you turn out to be,
Already when seeing you,
Love’s all we see.

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