Each Other’s Safe-Keeper

I looked up
You were there,
You were sleeping;
But you watched
Despite sleep,
You still cared.

I looked down,
At this girl
You keep keeping,
In mind
Because she
Makes you scared.

I looked up
And your eyes,
They were open,
Just a moment
To check
‘She’s okay…’

Our eyes locked
And so much
Went unspoken,
But we knew
We would
Manage today.

Your eyes closed
Before long,
Sleep reclaimed you,
You will not
Recall that
You awoke.

My eyes don’t close,
I lie,
Watching you too
By those words
Our eyes spoke.

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5 Responses to Each Other’s Safe-Keeper

  1. Beautiful, poignant. x x


  2. wbdeejay says:

    Just like this poem, So much unspoken, so much understood.

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