Want and Do

To want
Is not enough;
You have to do.
To want
But not to do,
Shows the wanting
Is a masquerade.
A game you play,
A mask you wear.
A change you imagine
In only the loosest terms.
To do
In spite of challenge,
Is to want with all your heart.
To follow through.
To dedicate.
To be the change
You must want it
And do it too.
You didn’t think it would be easy
Did you?

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3 Responses to Want and Do

  1. jfb57 says:

    Doing – ah there’s the rub! xxx

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  2. I wanted. And today I Did. First time out-out with the kids by myself in months, meeting actual real people. Thoroughly knackered now but proud and pleased with myself x (And the boys are proud of me too which is ace)

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