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Almost Special

Almost, but not quite special, Was how he thought he was, He was very nearly handsome, But he wasn’t quite, because His ears were slightly pointy, His nose a bit too long And the colour of his skin Was altogether … Continue reading

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Built to Last

They walked and talked Like friends of old, Though so much time had passed, But passing time Means nothing When a friendship’s built to last. They passed the point of niceties In moments And moved on, To matters of the … Continue reading

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Holding On

I get up, I live, And I go to bed. On some days This Is as much As can be hoped for. But, For as long as There is A tomorrow, Even these days Have not Been wasted.

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Slipping Mask

Each day, she carefully Placed a mask upon her face To keep the world out And her feelings in. Her terror and panic Lay perfectly hidden Behind a serene facade. But some days, The mask felt heavy And it slipped … Continue reading

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Hard Night’s Rest [Haiku]

Sleep steals me away… Batters, bruises and breaks me; Spits me out. Refreshed?

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More Time

You said goodbye, But meant hello; You clearly didn’t want to go, You had a lot more left to say Before you parted on your way. So eyebrow raised And arms held wide, I pulled you close into my side … Continue reading

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Seeking inspiration

Inspiration Can come In the strangest Of ways Sometimes in seconds Sometimes not for days. If we go searching It hides right away; It usually strikes On a dull sort of day, Or whilst we’re in the shower, Or walking … Continue reading

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The Resilient Spider

The spider worked tirelessly Building his home; He worked fast, He worked hard, He was tired. His web was perfection! But soon His strong And perfect home Was ruined By forces more powerful than himself. He sat for a moment, … Continue reading

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Strange Little Wizard

Before you were born And before I was grown There was a young wizard Who moved in on his own. He moved in on his own Because when he was four His magic could not Be contained any more. He … Continue reading

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Favourite Bear

She drifts off With her bear held tight, He keeps her safe Right through the night. When she is dreaming, He’s there too They stick together All night through. He smells good, And he feels like home When she’s with … Continue reading

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