Strange Little Wizard

Before you were born
And before I was grown
There was a young wizard
Who moved in on his own.

He moved in on his own
Because when he was four
His magic could not
Be contained any more.

He was not very good
At controlling his spells
He had lots of mishaps
That didn’t end well.

He turned his best friend
From dark brown into green,
And his other best friend
Can no longer be seen.

His mum has a slug
Where her nostrils should be
And his dad’s a ginormous
And high jumping flea.

His house is a boat,
And his car is a fly,
His bed is a jigsaw
He doesn’t know why.

He was ever so small
And could not stop his spells
But as he grew up
He learned magic quite well.

But the thing is his mind
Is quite easily bored
And it’s during these moments
His life becomes flawed

If he lets his mind wander,
The people nearby
Will fall foul of his spells
In the blink of an eye.

He tried to control it,
But didn’t know how
So this strange little wizard
Lives all alone now.

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2 Responses to Strange Little Wizard

  1. This is adorable. And your spider one, too. I love how much lighter and more hopeful they are.

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