Setting Sun

There is no balm more soothing
Than the sunset from a hill,
Life calms and feels better
As the sun sets and life’s still.

The birds all pause their tweeting
And the squirrels pause a while;
Even on the darkest days
This moment brings a smile.

The colours painted in the sky
Are painted by a brush,
Whose aim is to rejuvenate,
And save us from life’s rush.

We miss this moment often,
We’re absorbed in life’s despair
We should learn to take a moment,
Find the sunset, breathe fresh air.

[Sunset in Sanderstead. Mother Nature knows how to look after us, if only we let her]

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4 Responses to Setting Sun

  1. jfb57 says:

    Wonderful especially the point that we miss it most days


  2. Such beautifully soothing words Pooky. Stunning poem ❤ xx


  3. Yu/stan/kema says:

    Pooky, this is one of your best poems I’ve read. Love it!

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