First Day Back at School

A year has gone by
Since your first day at school
You returned a year wiser today.

As you started year one,
I looked back on twelve months
When you’ve grown in remarkable ways.

Yes you’ve got taller,
Your hair has got longer,
Your faces don’t look quite so young

But those aren’t the changes
That stand out the most
As you get ready to start in year one.

The changes I notice
In my growing girls
Are the way that you are in the world,

In the space of a year
You have grown into yourselves,
Your characters slowly unfurl.

You are more independent,
More willing to try.
You know what you like.. what you don’t.

You’ll try anything once
If you feel so inclined,
But well, If you’re not, then you won’t.

You’re also both cuddly
Incredibly kind
And often quite willing to share.

So as I look back
At the ways that you’ve grown,
It’s not just in height and in hair.


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2 Responses to First Day Back at School

  1. Jordan Walsh says:

    Those photos are precious.

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