Be Careful Who You Care For

Don’t care about me because I bleed,
Because my face tells tales of need.
Don’t care about me because I’m thin,
With little fat beneath my skin.
Don’t care because my tears flow
Because all my emotions show
And do not care because sometimes,
I don’t care if I live or die.
Care please for the girl inside,
Beneath the skin and bones she hides.
Care for that girl, the one who’s lost,
The girl who isn’t, but who was.
Remember who I used to be,
And care for her, don’t care for me.

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5 Responses to Be Careful Who You Care For

  1. jfb57 says:

    you have no say over who we care for I’m afraid Pooks. We will care for whoever we want to care for & we choose you, whichever you is there for us to care for xxx


  2. Edwin Best says:

    urgent – visceral – brilliant …. left me feeling shredded

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  3. Oh Pooky, this is truly brilliant, moving, painfully honest. Edwin’s comment is perfect.

    Sending so much love to that lost girl. Wishing there were not oceans between us, but nonetheless grateful for the knowing of her, for her insight and her wisdom. I believe in the depth of my being that she will find her way again. xxx

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  4. recoveryourlifeback says:

    This is amazing. So raw and honest and exactly how I feel.

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