Staying Safe 

With sadness she resigned herself
To how things had to be,
They couldn’t be another way,
She couldn’t be let free.
They couldn’t trust her with herself,
She hurt too much inside
And when that hurt played out in acts
That left nowhere to hide,
It hurt all those around her,
Which was not the plan at all,
So she let them make decisions
So she wouldn’t trip and fall.
She hoped she’d feel better soon,
Sun blinking through the rain;
She hoped she could be trusted
Not to jump beneath a train.
Although she wished it wasn’t so
For now life was too hard,
So she gave the keys to those she knew
Would not, her life, discard.

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8 Responses to Staying Safe 

  1. OnTheWay... says:

    Thank you for your beautiful honest words, so familiar here to, love to you xx

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  2. Oh gosh such pain 😥 so much love to you. Keep holding those hands that love you x x x

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  3. Jfb57 says:

    When Matthew was little he loved to run. His grandmother’s path was long, uneven & that old sort of concrete with stones in. He was told not to run but run he did. He ended up flat on his face, teeth through his lip and in hospital. He never ran down that path again but he still runs.
    Sometimes we push the boundaries that we think are unnecessary but we find out that they are there to protect us. They are usually not permanent. Remember that wall in Berlin? When the time is right. Have faith xxx

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  4. Yu/stan/kema says:

    Hard-hitting poem. Good job.

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  5. I hope you start to feel safe and joyful one day soon. You deserve to feel that way always.


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