A Good Friend

The best friend is an honest one,
A friend who has the courage to say No.
Who tells you what you need to hear,
Not what you want to hear.
Less good friends rub along
On smiles and promises;
By saying yes,
Whilst inwardly shouting no.
By conspiring in your plans of self-destruction,
By holding your hand
As you waltz towards the precipice.
The good friend,
The honest friend,
May fall out of favour,
By telling hard to hear truths
Because they hold you in their heart,
And cannot lie.
And so,
A good friend may walk away,
And not be by your side sometimes,
When your journey is misjudged.
But they will think of you,
Love you,
Care for you,
Until the day you die.

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4 Responses to A Good Friend

  1. What a lovely poem and how true. With good friends at your side, nothing is impossible.


  2. It may look like that good friend is walking away but they won’t ever be so far away that they won’t be able to see you or hear you. They’ll always be closer than you realise x x x


  3. Carolyn @caydavis says:

    To me this lovely expression gives voice to our inner “friends”. One who sometimes seems a foe with its brutal truth but is your best friend indeed. The best friend who has been denied by the conspiring “friend” but pulls you from the precipice and is there always but hidden for a while while you wrestle with your enemy. Your best friend has put you on the road to recovery…xx


  4. Yu/stan/kema says:

    Great poem, Pooky.

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