Forest of Fear

I sit
A tiny acorn in a wood.
The trees shrink away.
They scream
And tower from above.
Branches like arms
That will reach and grab
Not to hug and tickle
But to squeeze the life from
My tiny
I feel incidental
Yet hunted.
Unable to make things change
A victim of the forest’s shadows
Prey to its darkest desires.
I shake and shiver.
I go to leave,
The trees draw close.
Leaves press against my pallid skin
Holding me in place
As my breath shallows
My heart quickens
And a scream builds.
But like so many others
It is strangled from my throat.
I will die here
I think

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2 Responses to Forest of Fear

  1. Lovely to hear your voice Pooky….best wishes to you as i gather you have been struggling a bit of late…


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