Did you ever hate someone
So much it hurt?
Wanted them gone from your life so badly,
That they filled your every waking thought?
Told yourself they were worthless,
Their point of view irrelevant
And misinformed,
Yet hung on their every word?
Found yourself seeking their approval
Though you know it cannot be won?
Waited for a sign they care,
That they cannot, will not give?
All this time, knowing their thoughts rarely turn to you.
That they can destroy your life
In an instant,
Without even trying.
That they truly do not care.
But you do.
You care so much
It hurts.

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5 Responses to Betrayed

  1. jfb57 says:

    I have had several people in my life that I have put into that position. They were unaware of my emotions towards them so it is a little different from this experience I think but they took up so much of my energy & emotional time.

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  2. charlypriest says:

    That seems like a way of self torture, not worth my time. Nothing productive coming out of it and itĀ“s making a person miserable, so why in the world stick with it(person)


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