Fresh Blood

He knew no way to manage
That wasn’t this way,
And always,
If he found that he’d had a bad day,
He reached out for his blade
And then out his pain played
In the wounds he created
And the hurt that he made.
But the hurt that he made
Was a hurt understood,
Unlike pain from within
That hurt more than it should;
But the hurt from outwith
Made the inner hurt ease,
But the outer hurt grew
Spreading like a disease.
Each day was a bad day
Each day brought new scars.
He knew he must stop must stop
Scars don’t change
Who you are.

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One Response to Fresh Blood

  1. topazo says:

    Wow…this is deep…
    Pain is complex, only the sufferer can really understand it…
    We need however to learn how to cope better
    Because in the end, the pain would not always be there…

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