Unclean Windows

She stared through the window,
Its grime coating masked the world.
Trees and houses took on a grey hue,
People hurried by, a blur.
She should clean the window;
Find some clarity.
But some days,
The world is better blurred.

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5 Responses to Unclean Windows

  1. I quite agree. Living with a blurred world seems needed from time to time in order to allow our brains to adjust to unpleasant realities. However, clarity must eventually return, sadly, if we are to accept that the world is what it is.

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  2. My lovely Pooks,I always always love your words so much and can relate so well…you have such amazing talent on SO many levels…i remember when you write the poem especially for me….its something I absolutely treasure…always here,love Aoifs xxx

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  3. aramsey_poet says:

    I love the idea that some days are better blurred. So nice to read.

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  4. This poem is so true and sometimes there just has to be some blur to get through the day. Also the way you open this poem is so good

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