Recovery Companion

Sometimes to know you’re there is just enough,
Sometimes your presence makes the wound more deep,
In you I have so much I want to keep,
And knowing that makes how I feel feel tough.

But even when I’m down you hold me tight,
You trace my tears with tender hands and sigh,
And hold me in your arms and let me cry,
You wish with all your heart to make it right.

But this is not a thing that you can mend,
This is a path that only I can walk,
You hold my hand and as you hold you talk,
And as you talk, I gain strength from a friend.

You cannot fix this pain, it must be me;
But with you there I’ll fight until I’m free.

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5 Responses to Recovery Companion

  1. Awesome words and so darn true.

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  2. Some fires we must walk through alone, but we all need someone who’ll lovingingly help us tend our blisters.
    Hugs xx

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  3. This poem has such resonance for me Pooks. You have described my wonderful Nick and how he supports me. Sending love & hugs xx


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