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Raining Love

The rain falls down, And your hopes rise high, Life and love fill you And come falling from the sky. The rain can’t dampen spirits That are soaring high with love Even as the rain is gushing down From the … Continue reading

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Interminably Lonely

They tiptoed round him, Like he might break if they got too close, They neither touched,nor spoke with him. What would they say? What would he do if their words were wrong? They’d all heard the rumours; A crazy man, … Continue reading

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Worry is Like a Big Brown Bear

Worry is like a big brown bear It’s big and it’s bad and it gives you a scare Perhaps you pretend that your worries aren’t there, But then you are scared, is it here? Is it there? You wait for … Continue reading

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Please Eat

The thing is That I can’t. You think I should. You think I can. But I can’t. I don’t know if I want to… You use logic to persuade me Alluding to futures that I can’t imagine, That I’m scared … Continue reading

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Frozen out

She felt lonely, And alone, Even when the room was full. No one wanted to utter her name For fear of falling foul Of The Bully. The Bully had picked her, Singled her out As the victim. She was special … Continue reading

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Dear Grandpa

You think you are a nuisance, And you don’t see why we care, I wish that you could understand Life’s better with you there. So when we offer friendship, And a place to sleep at night, We don’t do it … Continue reading

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Calmer Waters

Ever increasing circles, The ripples on a pond, The calming hands of many, All joined by a bond. The ocean feels calmer, The waves start to subside, Until at last it’s far too late To run away and hide. But … Continue reading

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