Worry is Like a Big Brown Bear

Worry is like a big brown bear
It’s big and it’s bad and it gives you a scare
Perhaps you pretend that your worries aren’t there,
But then you are scared, is it here? Is it there?

You wait for some quiet, when the bear takes some rest,
Your mind’s quiet from worry, it’s having a rest,
You don’t poke the bear then, you never confess
About things that were making your happiness less.

But the thing with the bear is, that though he’s asleep,
The worries he’s hoarding won’t age, they will keep,
And when he awakens the worries will too,
A worry ignored will soon catch up with you.

We don’t poke the bear as we fear his size
And the anger he hides behind big yellow eyes,
But some bears are bearers of quite a surprise,
Some bears, when woken seem smaller in size.

The bear that is sleeping gets bigger, more scary,
More angry, more vicious, more evil, more hairy,
The bear, when awoken is rather less frightful
(Though very few bears are completely delightful).

And the more that you talk to and welcome the bear,
The more you will see you can live with him there.
Worries and bears that are left just to grow
Are more scary by far than those you get to know.

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2 Responses to Worry is Like a Big Brown Bear

  1. How delightful! I’m ready to make friends with my bear.

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  2. aramsey_poet says:

    Very cute.

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