Dear Grandpa

You think you are a nuisance,
And you don’t see why we care,
I wish that you could understand
Life’s better with you there.

So when we offer friendship,
And a place to sleep at night,
We don’t do it out of pity,
We don’t it out of fright,

It’s simply ‘cos we love you
And you’re fun to have around,
And of all of life’s kind-hearted souls
You’re the best we’ve found.

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10 Responses to Dear Grandpa

  1. aramsey_poet says:

    I love my grandpa! Thank you so much for such a tender poem. 🙂

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  2. jfb57 says:

    OuR 2.5 year old may not see things like this but she loves her ganpa, ganpa. She misses out the R & always says it twice!

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  3. Grandads are special people my two year old grandson called me grandad for the first time last week. Before that it was ‘dad dad’.

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  4. Garry Fowler says:

    As often happens, I get a but teary eyed reading your poems Pooky. 3 of my grandparents had died before I was even born and I only met the remaining one a handful of times

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    • PookyH says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Garry – I’m very lucky to have Grandpa here, he’s a truly wonderful man.


      • Garry Fowler says:

        Sorry Pookie, just clarifying, my misty eyes were more for your lovely words and sentiments. In the UK families are often fragmented, only seen ‘high days & holidays’. It’s so nice to read of a family making a conscious effort to bring a grandparent into the close family unit. I have said it before but you are a SUPERSTAR !!

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      • PookyH says:

        Bless you. It’s lovely having him here. He’s so full of stories! X


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