Lost Girl

That kid in the corner
With long greasy hair
And a jumper too small
And a Dad who’s not there…
She’s trying her best
To do so just as you say,
To learn spellings and maths
But her Dad went away.
Nobody told her
The reason he left,
And she spends all her time
Feeling lost and bereft.
So her seven times table
Isn’t sinking in fast,
But with love and with cuddles
This hard time will pass.
Scolding and shaming
Will not do the trick,
It isn’t her fault
That her Dad’s been a prick.

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3 Responses to Lost Girl

  1. A lovely poem, childhood loss and the feeling children have that they are to blame. For some of these children, abandoned by their own father, a loving step father can help to heal the wounds.

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  2. Oh, that stinging last line. Poor girl, and you’re right. Not her fault at all.

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