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Feet Up – Haiku

She sighed, contented. A long, very busy day; And now, time to rest.

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She ate with her eyes as she stared into the patisserie window. A magical world befitting of fairies, Of pastries, sugar crystals and pastel swirls Filled her vision wall to wall. The sweet scent of baking wafted out from the … Continue reading

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He’s smaller, I thought, Than the last time I saw him, Smaller in body And smaller in mind. He’s retreating inside himself Scared to look outwards, Afraid if he opened his eyes What he’d find. He’s quieter And harder And … Continue reading

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Smiles are a precious gift, More precious when they’re few. I know that I don’t smile a lot, So if I smile at you Please take my smile And treasure it And smile back in return, I know that real … Continue reading

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Good News

The news felt too good to be true. She whispered it, She wanted to shout from the rooftops But feared she would wake from a dream, Break the spell, Return to barren hell. So she nursed her news quietly, Letting … Continue reading

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Summer Nights

Never fully dark, Warm breeze whispering ’til dawn On long summer nights

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Battles of the Mind

She was tired, The type that comes from inside. Her body had not worked, Yet it ached. Her muscles screamed As if they had laboured hard. Her labours were of the mind, They were not kind. Omnipresent Heavy thoughts Demanded … Continue reading

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The Tree Who Couldn’t

It’s summer, yet my leaves don’t grow. There is no leafy green on show. There are no buds That promise life, No branches Growing to the light. I’m sitting dormant, sad and weak, I look dark and dull and bleak. … Continue reading

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Perhaps it was a sideways glance And not a full-faced stare, But the fact is that your prejudice Was very clearly there. It’s in the way you stepped aside, Too far, to let me pass, Even with the smallest step, … Continue reading

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Stranger’s Hands

These hands were not hers, With their pits and their scars, These hands were the hands Of a stranger. With their tales of life lived, Etched in scars and ridged nails, These were the old hands, Of a stranger. She … Continue reading

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