The Shadow – a poem about depression

I see the shadow that follows you round,
That muffles your laughter,
Throws joy to the ground.
I see you attempt to escape its cold grip
But you cannot run fast enough,
Not long ’til you trip
And the shadow reclaims you,
It’s icy and cold,
And it makes you feel lonely,
And worthless,
And old.
You pretend there’s no shadow,
You don’t say its name
But since its descent
You have not been the same.
I see the shadow
Because I’ve got one too,
But I’m far more practised at running
Than you…

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3 Responses to The Shadow – a poem about depression

  1. sumyanna says:

    I know the subject is a sad one . . . So sad that we should feel that way. It is hard. Never you captured the truth of that concept beautifully and with wisdom.


  2. That’s really lovely.

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