Grey Haired Man

The grey hair
That you think makes you look old?
It tells us you’ve lived.
And the laughter lines around your mouth
Speak of a life well-lived.
Your crows’ feet
Emphasise the sparkle in your eyes,
And the little extra weight you carry?
More to cuddle.
You hate each part of you
That shows you’ve aged,
But, for the rest of us,
These signs, painted on
Your once-blank canvas
Tell tales that jet black hair
And taut abs
Could never
Hope to tell.

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5 Responses to Grey Haired Man

  1. sumyanna says:

    So true and very well told!

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  2. As an aging American with all the media messages about the shame of growing old I needed this message today! Thanks!

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  3. Yu/stan/kema says:

    This is a great poem.Well done.


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  4. I so know this man. You describe the beauty of getting older so accurately Pooky.

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