Life Review

When I was 5
I walked brave and tall,
I had no worries,
No, none at all.
I skipped and I danced
And I held my head high,
And you couldn’t find anything
I wouldn’t give a try.

When I was 10,
I was far less sure,
I wasn’t always happy
All the time any more.
Little things niggled,
And I tried to be cool,
But I loved my family
And my friends and my school.

When I was 15,
Things were bad and dark,
I passed my time
With my friends in the park.
We were all good mates
But we kept the talk light,
I’d never think to tell my mates
I wasn’t feeling bright.

When I was 20,
I had learnt from my mistakes,
I had learnt to do more talking,
And I learnt ways to escape.
But I didn’t really understand,
The person I’d become,
My head was in my studies
And I didn’t have much fun.

When I was 25,
I’d met my other half,
He taught me how to love myself,
And taught me how to laugh.
It took a little while still,
To work out what to do,
I was doing what I thought I should,
But couldn’t see things through.

When I was 30,
I’d become a Mum of two,
And at last, with help, I’d found myself,
And knew what I should do.
It was hard to find a balance,
And perhaps I worked too often,
But my daughters kept me grounded,
And my heart began to soften.

I cannot write the verses yet,
To finish off this poem,
But at last I’m feeling happy
With the way that life is going.

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