Worry Writing

Her worries were getting far bigger,
Her worries were out of control,
Her worries were making more worries,
But her brain simply couldn’t be told

Stop worrying brain! She would tell it,
Calm down and relax. She would say,
But despite her continued insistence,
Her worries weren’t going away.

Instead they grew bigger and sharper,
Taking up more and more space
If you knew her you’d surely have noticed
Her worries were etched on her face.

She didn’t know how she could fix things
She was worried in worries she’d drown,
Until one day someone suggested,
She write every one of them down.

So she sat down with pencil and paper
And the worries poured out of her head
And after about half an hour
They lived on her paper instead.

Once she had written her worries
On paper, she felt so relieved,
And the length of the list of her worries
Was more than she’d ever believed.

But seeing them down there on paper,
She found them quite easy to sort,
Some she dismissed (they wouldn’t be missed)
And some needed slightly more thought.

She asked for some help with the hard ones,
And she wrote new ones down as they came,
But the list kept on getting much shorter,
Killing worries off was a new game.

Soon she was rather less worried,
And she helped her friends when they would frown;
Whatever it is that concerns you, She said,
Stop, take a breath, write it down.

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6 Responses to Worry Writing

  1. I LOVE it!!!! THIS is one of my favourite PookyPoems hehe ❤ x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed this one – quite wry and funny, yet true! Journaling is good for you.


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