Panic Rising

The THUMP of her heart
And the SWEAT in her palms
And the RUSH of her blood
Left her feeling uncalm.

The panic was rising
With a THUMP and a BUZZ
She couldn’t control it
But didn’t want fuss.

She tried calming her breathing,
Breathe OUT, count to 10,
It worked for a while,
Then she panicked again.

She knew it was coming,
The darkness drew near,
It embraced her unkindly,
Raw noise filled her ears.

And so with a THUMP
And a RUSH
She succumbed to the panic attack
Her whole crushed.

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One Response to Panic Rising

  1. Yes, horrible, frightening panic attacks. You’ve captured the physicality of it so well. Enjoyed reading the piece. Thank you for sharing

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