Journey to the Road’s End

The end of the road
Is so near but so far,
It depends how you travel,
On foot
Or by car.
Travelling alone
Makes the journey seem longer,
Walking together
Makes walking legs stronger.
Sometimes we’re too focused
On reaching the end,
And we trip on a pothole
Or don’t turn at a bend.
Other times when
The road’s end feels too far,
We lose concentration
And stall in our car.
A road map can help us
Or guidance from others
Who’ve been there before,
Maybe sisters or brothers.
Or friends who have travelled
Beyond our road’s end,
But are willing to retrace their steps
For a friend.

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7 Responses to Journey to the Road’s End

  1. Pooky i love this…actually i love every single poem you write… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The preview drew me in to this one and I wasn’t disappointed. Sue


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