Pink Words and Blue Words

It’s really quite simple,
I’m right and you’re wrong.
Said the girl to the man
When the words of the song
That he sang weren’t the words
She expected to hear;
They didn’t sit right
In the crook of her ear.
He insisted the words
That he sang were the words
To the song, but the girl
Thought this rather absurd,
For the words that he sang,
And the words that she knew,
Were in no way alike;
His were pink, hers were blue.
But the more that she listened,
The more that she thought
That the words that she knew
Maybe weren’t the right sort.
But the man liked her words
And so after a while,
He sang his old song
In a new-worded style.
And so they swapped words,
This vociferous two,
Now her words were pink
And the man’s words were blue.

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2 Responses to Pink Words and Blue Words

  1. I so love this take on the difference between what we say as males and females and how they can be so misinterpreted. Excellent Pooky…hope you are doing well today…

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