Feelings of Anxiety

Just because you do not share
My feelings of anxiety,
Doesn’t mean those feelings
Are not there,
Should not be heard.

Just because you do not care
That I feel like I’m drowning,
Doesn’t mean those feelings
Are my fault
Or well-deserved.

Just because you do not want
To help me fight these feelings,
Doesn’t mean that everyone
Will always
Feel the same.

And just because you think that I
Should lie about these feelings
Does not mean that you are right
I will NOT
Feel ashamed.

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6 Responses to Feelings of Anxiety

  1. operahell says:

    People can be very callous and cruel when it comes to the mental health of others, part of it is just society – it’s far more socially acceptable to pretend “everything is okay” rather than be honest. I frame it as, how many times a day do people ask “how are you today?” but don’t actually want an honest answer? Worse than being depressed is lying about being depressed, but that’s somehow become a social norm.

    I think deep down, the people who claim the loudest that “it’s all in your head” and are uncomfortable talking about mental health are responding out of fear and an unconscious self-preservation mechanism to insulate themselves from their own dark thoughts. The world would be a better place if people could just be honest.

    I loved this poem and it makes an important point. Thank you so much for posting. You are not alone!


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  2. topazo says:

    Not everyone will like us for who we are, but that shouldn’t stop us from being ourselves because there are others who will love us just the way we are

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  3. I just found your website and am delighted! Your poems are treasures. This one really spoke to me. Thanks.


    • PookyH says:

      thank you – I’m always ambivalent when people identify – I’m sorry that you do but at the same time when it’s about me (some are, some aren’t) it helps me feel less alone! Thanks for your kind comments, really appreciated x


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