Moon Bunny

Moon bunny came from the moon
To your bed,
To cuddle you tight,
Whilst you rest your sweet head.
She shepherds your dreams,
So they’re good,never bad,
And she whispers kind things
So you never feel sad.
She used not to live here,
She lived far away,
But she heard of a young girl
Called Lyra, one day,
Who had trouble sleeping,
Her dreams were not good,
So Moon Bunny vowed
To do all that she could,
To make Lyra happy,
To make her dreams sweet,
To make nighttime a pleasure,
An end-of day-treat.
Moon Bunny travelled for a week
And three days,
Until she found you,
And she knew right away
That this was a love match,
And all would be well,
When the two of you met,
You each felt your hearts swell.

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