When the World is Your Toy

When you are small,
Life is filled with great joys,
And so many things,
That are better than toys.

There’s the straw in your drink,
You can suck,
You can blow,
If you blow into milk,
You can make bubbles grow.

There’s the box from new toys,
Which is better by far,
Than the toy it contains,
Once a box… now a car!

Or a castle,
A ship
Or a throne for a queen,
Or a surgical table:
‘Out with his spleen!’

Your dinner’s for playing with,
Not eating at all,
You love holding beans up,
Then watching them fall…

You eat toast into shapes,
And make faces with fruit,
You find Broccoli scary,
But brussel sprouts cute.

You wear your Mum’s shoes,
And you wear your Dad’s coat,
It’s the best dressing up clothes,
To wear on your boat.

Your boat, by the way,
Is an upside down table,
You row it along
With a spoon and a ladle.

Life is so fun,
When the world is your toy,
And your young bright mind means,
That small things bring great joy.

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