The Adoptive Mum’s Scar

Six months was a lifetime
When first you arrived;
A pale babe in arms,
With your bags by your side.

We’d missed out on the memories
Already made,
In the home of another,
So kind, where you’d stayed.

Those six months behind us
Stretched out oh so far;
They felt so eternal,
The adoptive mum’s scar.

But the thing is, as time’s passed,
Those months matter less,
Each day you’ve spent with us
A day we’ve been blessed.

You’re five now, those six months
Loom less large by far;
More curiosity
Than gnarly old scar.

And we’re grateful
For all of the days that we’ve had.
At last, those first months
Don’t leave us feeling sad.

[for Ellie, on her fifth birthday]

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2 Responses to The Adoptive Mum’s Scar

  1. Beautiful Pooky. Hope she has a great day. Five is a great birthday.

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