Morning Mourning

Exhaustion engulfed her
And rocked her to sleep,
She welcomed it, knowing
The black fog would keep
Her mind from recalling
The things that she’d seen,
The things she had heard
And the places she’d been.
She’d relive those moments
In her sleep, she was sure,
But by morning she’d welcome
A new day once more,
With an innocence born of deep sleep
And dark mist,
And for a few blissful moments
She’d wait to be kissed
By the man who had been there
Always right by her side,
For a few moments each morning,
She’d forget
That he’d died.

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3 Responses to Morning Mourning

  1. Dear Pooky, these words speak to the depths of me.

    I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long, but my energy levels are so depleted that I’d stopped reading blogs for a time. I’m going to make them a priority again. I find I must choose between Facebook and blogging but I sense I’m missing out on so much by not reading blogs. Then there’s the issue that with blogs it’s not just the reading, it’s dealing with the emotions they so often evoke. 🙂
    Love you. xxx

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