I am the person,
Hungry and homeless,
Who sits on the corner
As you pass me by.

I am the person,
Cold and disheveled,
In yesterday’s clothes
And you won’t catch my eye.

I am the person,
You don’t give your money,
You think that I’ll waste it;
I’ll drink or get high.

I am the person,
Who looks into bin bags
And eats others’ leftovers
Just to get by.

I am the person,
You think is not like you,
I thought that too,
And that thought makes me cry.

I am a person,
Who wants to feel human,
Not sat here like street scum,
Oh please let me try.

I am a person,
For whom there’s no future.
Just descent into madness,
On these streets I’ll die.

To help support those facing homelessness, you can donate to Shelter here

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2 Responses to Homeless

  1. One of life’s sad truths that so many turn their face away from. Thank you for not turning away. xxx

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