Secret Self-Harmer

He kept it a secret,
He buried it deep,
It was a secret he determined,
He must always keep.
He was self-harming daily,
With blades
And with flames,
But nobody knew,
He just couldn’t explain.
He couldn’t explain
And he didn’t know how
He would move on from
Telling them
How he felt now.
They’d always be judging,
They’d think him a freak,
His fears drove him harder,
His secret to keep.
But with no one to help him,
And no way to change,
Things went bad
To worse,
Until sadly one day
In the heat of the moment,
His blade went too deep,
This was a secret,
To his grave,
He’d now keep…

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2 Responses to Secret Self-Harmer

  1. topazo says:

    If only we can be less judgemental, we would have more people who will open up and who we can help! It is often not their fault, and even if it were, they want to be better, is that so bad? It is not like we don’t have our own issues. What do we gain from bringing others down, looking down on them and judging?

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