Nine Lives – a children’s poem

If I was like a cat
And I had nine lives,
I’d be less careful
Using knives,
I’d cross the road
With far less care,
I’d dance in the snow
In my underwear.
I’d eat no greens,
I’d drink no juice,
I’d let my hair hang
Long and loose.
I’d run across roads,
I’d cycle in the dark,
I’d tease the big bullies
In the local park.
I’d turn on the lights,
When my hands were wet,
A venomous snake
Would be my choice of pet.
But I’m not like a cat,
I’ve just got one life,
So I’d better be careful,
When I use that knife…

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4 Responses to Nine Lives – a children’s poem

  1. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Oh this was such fun to read and loved that you teased those bullies in the park!! I am not sure you would go in your underwear here in the snow though:D

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  2. This was fun. Did you see that I found a poetry meme organized by kids lit people?

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