How Could You? (A poem to aid discussion about bereavement)

I can’t believe you left me.
I can’t believe you’ve gone.
I can’t believe you’ve gone and died,
Now everything feels wrong.

I can’t imagine smiling.
I can’t imagine joy.
I can’t imagine feeling like
A normal girl or boy.

When will it stop hurting?
When will these feelings pass?
When will kids stop staring,
When I walk into each class?

When will I forget you?
When will you be truly gone?
Is there some way I can keep you
In my heart where you belong?

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7 Responses to How Could You? (A poem to aid discussion about bereavement)

  1. A lovely poem as someone who has recently lost a dear friend, I can understand these feelings only too well.

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  2. Yes, though I will always miss her, just thinking about our happy times together over a number of years is so comforting. x

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  3. wbdeejay says:

    At some point during the year following, I started having the happy memories more than the sadness. For me, writing poetry about it all let the sadness and the happy memories come out.

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  4. Kids do experience bereavement, and don’t have anyone to talk to, often. Great poem about it.

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