Back Then (ABC)

At the time it made sense
Because we were young
Days stretched before us;
Eternities, waiting to be filled.
For weeks on end
Guided blindly;
Hearts leading, heads dallying.
In and out of love we fell.
Jaws aching from
Legs and arms constantly entwined,
Memories forming by the hour.
Our days were simple,
Pleasure our only aim.
Quiet moments were few;
Rarely were we lost for words.
Still now I think back
To those heady days
Undiluted by responsibility
Views as yet unformed
We were giddy with love.
You made me whole.

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One Response to Back Then (ABC)

  1. topazo says:

    brilliant maam! when we were young, things were less complicated…we ached to grow older, if only we knew what adulthood held in store….


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