Retreating from the World

Some days,
When things get too much,
She retreats.

She just sleeps
And she eats.
And she hides.

She doesn’t emerge,
For days at a time,
Until she feels well enough
To say
‘I am fine.’

Of course,
She’s not fine,
No, she’s not fine at all;
But she’s more fine
Than she was,
That she’s out
Says it all..

Because when it’s too much
She retreats into her shell,
And she only comes out
When she’s slightly more well.

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8 Responses to Retreating from the World

  1. Goodness. An uncanny poem. That is exactly what I do – especially the ‘of course she’s not fine, but more fine than she was’. Thank you for such a lovely poem

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  2. Yu/stan/kema says:

    I really like this poem.

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  3. Are you okay? Your poems are very sad these days.

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  4. angharad says:

    Can totally relate xxx

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  5. Everything feels better after some time out alone, its easier to face the world and all its problems when you’ve sorted out your own feelings and thoughts.

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