Conversations with my Grandpa

Walk in time with me my dear,
And let me tell you how
We did things when I was young,
So differently from now.

Listen for a while dear,
And learn from my mistakes,
I love to pass on wisdom
And see the difference that it makes.

Sit with me a while dear,
Tell me how things are,
I live just round the corner,
But it often feels too far.

Hold my hand a while dear,
Help me feel a part,
Of your life – I’ve been a part
Of your life from it’s start.

Slow your busy life dear,
Make some time to hear,
The things I have to share with you,
I won’t always be here.

Don’t take me for granted dear,
I’m ageing far too fast,
Let’s stop and make some memories,
That, beyond my time, will last.

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3 Responses to Conversations with my Grandpa

  1. Awww.moving.Grandparents are amazing that way. They may teach you in one talk more than you may learn in a lifetime…

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