Lying Face

No outfit was complete without her smile
She took great care to organise her face,
Although she’d not felt happy for a while,
Her smile hid her sadness without trace.

She fooled the world with ease, and herself too.
The more she wore her smile the more she felt
That things were fine, the tales she told were true,
But under pressure, that facade could melt.

Her mask was thin and fragile, her pain raw,
Her pain a constant ache throughout each day.
Her feelings went unmanaged and ignored,
When asked ‘what’s wrong’ she knew not what to say.

The smile remained, her face a lie each day.
After so long, she knew no other way.

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2 Responses to Lying Face

  1. Hi, Pooky, these words are so true. I think we all fool ourselves into thinking we are some other self. Sad, because the journey of life seems to take us back to ourselves, where we started! Thank you for your poem!

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  2. Love this poem. This is a scary place to find yourself and it can so easily happen. Thank you for sharing. šŸ˜€

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