Deep below the streets of London,
Men and women hurry by.
They’re walking round in tunnels
And they never see the sky.

They don’t know if it’s raining,
They don’t know if it’s fine,
The only thing they know for sure
Is if their train’s on time.

They rush around so busy,
The World’s weight upon their backs
Feeling ever vulnerable
To terrorist attacks.

Down here they lose their manners,
There’s no please and no thank you,
And for the time they’re underground,
They forget how to queue.

It’s too hot, too cold, too windy,
In these tubes beneath our streets,
As I walk the streets of London,
There’s misery beneath my feet..

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5 Responses to Underground

  1. So true of cities here in the U.S., too, Pooky. Sad, but true. In our attempt to stay busy and work hard, we seem to have forgotten basic kindness towards one another. Always a good reminder to bring kindness to wherever we happen to be! And your post makes me miss London!

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    • PookyH says:

      I feel like ive spent all week in a rabbit warren… But you only have to surface for a few minutes to remember why you love London. Westminster was beautiful today, even in the driving rain n


  2. Aha! I was on the underground today. Went to see Father Christmas at Selfridges. No rude people today.

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